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April 28 2017

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Doggo is correcto

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April 24 2017

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Like Icarus before him

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you’ve been visited by money birb. reblog and good fortune will come your way.

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April 22 2017

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Look at him

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Ba dum tss

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Video games are getting pretty realistic these days….

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In New Zealand, there is a man legally known as ‘The Wizard’ who is an educator, comedian, magician and politician. Some of his political ideas include:

  • Abolishing old-fashioned gender roles
  • Travelling to find the “center of the universe”
  • Replacing God and the Church with Wizardry and the World Wide Web

“Wizard, The”

This is The Wizard, reblog in 35 seconds to reveal the secrets of the center of the universe and abolish old fashioned gender roles.

The Wizard of New Zealand is not just legally named “The Wizard” so he can appear on his driver’s licence that way.  He is actually, literally, officially, the Wizard of New Zealand and was appointed to that role by Prime Minister Mike Moore in 1990.  

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